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About Tupperware

Tupperware a 70-year-old globally admired company celebrates more than two decades of changing lives in India by transforming, empowering and inspiring women across the country and the globe!

Mr. Earl Tupper’s unique ideas and inventions are deeply seeded into the minds at Tupperware. Its unmatched amalgamation of world-class products has enriched lives,set new trends, brought colour and have empowered people in many ways into many homes in the country and countries.

So let’s empower people together and spread the incredible Tupperware way of life!

Tupperware’s simple-smart products, right from your living room, will take you places and will help you lead an independent, happy and successful life.


  • Images are indicative. Actual color of the product may vary slightly
  • The color of the product will depend on availability in stock
  • To avail Tupperware products, please message or email us @ with Product CodeContact No. and Pin code where you are expecting the materials to be delivered.

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